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The “Video Game” w/ Jay Lippman

Finally, after a lot of work, I got a brand new guest! The legendary Youtuber and Video Production Instructor, Jay Lippman joins me on the podcast! I checked out his studio in Ohio and how he makes all the magic on the screen that we see every week!

DJ Vlog: 7 Tips to Surviving a Busy DJ Weekend

Ride w/ DJ Urban Cowboy 9-15-23

Fresh back from wedding tour in OH! DJ Urban Cowboy has a hot mix of hip-hop for you to bang this weekend in your car, home, or any speaker! Let us know what you like! We look forward to your comments, shares, and likes! LETS GO!!!

DJ VLog: My Wedding Rocking Tour w/ Danielle from 90 Day Fiance

LIVE @ Molloy’s Irish Pub 9-2-23

DJ Vlog: We Partied Hard on Labor Day Weekend…

Quick Mix: 9-1-23

Dropping another freestyle quick mix this week, while I still scramble to find some more good guests for future episodes. I’m going for quality over quantity from here on in. So, let me know who and what you want to hear on the show!

DJ Vlog: Relaxing Weekend OFF? Maybe Not…

LIVE @ Molloy’s Irish Pub 8-19-23

DJ Vlog: This Weekend Almost Wrecked Me…