Month: March 2023


RIDE: w/ DJ Urban Cowboy 3-31-23

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast! I appreciate all the support! This week is going to be a mini mix of hot dance remixes that I found in my collection that I know you will love! This one is special for the crew gearing up for a big night out on the town! Make it LIT and TURN UP! Check out my new merch in the store: !

DJ Vlog – Burley’s Birthday and The Zoo

My BFF – Bryan Sullivan

**PARENTAL ADVISORY – UNCENSORED CONTENT** My BFF, Byran Sullivan joins me on the podcast this week and tells me about what he has been up to, his new event planning, and officiant services! You can find him on Facebook at Offiant Sullivan or just shoot me a message to connect!

DJ Vlog – St. Patricks Day!

RIDE: w/ DJ Urban Cowboy 3-17-23

WHAT’S UP PARTY PEOPLE! This is our first quick mix session on the show! You will be able to catch these episodes every other week in order to give DJ Urban Cowboy a chance to breathe and keep cranking out amazing parties for you!

RIDE: w/ DJ Urban Cowboy 3-10-23

WE ARE BACK KIDS! After an incredibly long hiatus, your favorite podcast/mixshow is back online! DJ Urban Cowboy is eager to bring you more great music, amazing guests, and a great party every week!

DJ Vlog – Maddie’s Birthday Brunch Disaster

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DJ Vlog – One Party… Under The Sea….

DJ Vlog – The Most Uneventful Vlog Ever

DJ Vlog – A Literal Dumpster Fire…