Month: April 2023


Quick Mix: 4-28 -23

Welcome back to another episode of the podcast! We love to hear your feedback on our socials: @DJUrbanCowboy! Tell us everything about what you like and don’t like about the podcast! You can always book DJ Urban Cowboy at : ! Have A Great Week!

DJ Vlog: Beer, Beats & Food Trucks

Marteze Ivy: Drummer, Host & Super Dad

My long-time friend, Tez joins me on the podcast this week to talk about being a musician, podcast host, and super dad supporting a child with cystic fibrosis! Check out the Ten Roars on Youtube & Amazon Music! You can check out the Club 937 Podcast on IG/Twitter/ Facebook ! Support Cystic Fibrosis at : ! As always, you can keep up with DJ Urban Cowboy at : !

DJ VLog: Brunch & Breweries w/ Meg

Quick Mix 4-14-23

We got a great 30 min mix of some hip hop tracks for you this week!  Check it out!

DJ Vlog: An Interesting Easter Weekend in MD!

DJ Vlog: Supporting Local Beverage Companies

Sammy Jo From Overly Chromatic!

Sammy Jo from stops by to school me on the custom shoe game on this week’s podcast. She tells us how she comes up with ideas, how the shoes are made, and what got her into the biz in this mix with some floor-thumping B-sides and underground tracks!