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DJ Urban Cowboy
DJ Urban Cowboy

DJ Urban Cowboy began following his passion for entertaining in high school.   He bought his first set of turntables on a family vacation, when he got side tracked in a music store looking for a bass guitar to join a friend’s band.   It was after a few weeks of practicing , that Cowboy got his first gig at a local social dance.   The energy of the crowd and rush of performing had him instantly hooked and DJ Urban Cowboy knew that entertainment was his calling!    He began with small social functions and quickly moved to bigger and bigger events. Cowboy is constantly building and training himself to bring his clients the best!

Over 20 years in and still going strong!  DJ Urban Cowboy’s passion for music and entertaining people has taken him all over North America and his sound all over the world.  Since it’s humble beginnings, the DJ Urban Cowboy brand has progressed from a basic DJ Service to a full scale entertainment company working in aspects of music production, event production/design, lighting, video productions and of course DJ entertainment!   There is never day when Cowboy is not learning ,and creating new aspects of his show to bring forth his artistic talents to the masses!

Let the world know… This DJ Urban Cowboy production!

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